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Mar 31, 2021


Page High estate in Wood Green Haringey estate hit by problems during Covid-19 pandemic By Simon Allin @SimonAllin3 Local Democracy Reporter, Barnet, Enfield and Haringey Vulnerable people were left “very afraid” after their housing estate’s lifts and intercom failed during the coronavirus pandemic, according to the head of a tenants’ group. Dr Adrian Chapman, chairman of the tenants’ association at Page High estate, Wood Green, said the lift shutdowns meant people had to use a stairwell where social distancing was “impossible”. The failure of the intercom at Page High – a 1970s housing estate built above shops and a car park in Lymington Avenue – left some residents fearful they would miss deliveries of food and medication, he added. A spokesperson for housing association Sanctuary Housing apologised for the problems and said it had “not been straightforward” to send contractors to the building during the pandemic. Dr Chapman claimed that if it had not been for groups of volunteers helping the vulnerable, people would have been in a “terrible situation”. He said: “For a week the two lifts were not working, and over 200 people living at Page High were forced to use one set of about 100 steps – not allowing for the possibility of social distancing. “It was not just an inconvenience – it was also a significant public health issue. “The tenants’ association tried to maintain a dialogue with Sanctuary throughout the crisis but were not able to have meaningful discussions while the lifts were out of action.” Dr Chapman said Sanctuary had sent a WhatsApp message to tenants stating it was “currently in the process of getting the Loler certificate completed” to resolve the lifts issue. By law, Loler (Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations) inspections must be carried out regularly to ensure lifts are safe to use. Dr Chapman claimed it had been difficult to talk to his usual contacts at Sanctuary, and he could only get through to a call centre in Hull – where staff had limited knowledge of Page High. It was only after the intervention of MP for Hornsey and Wood Green Catherine West that things started to improve, he added. “Deliveries have been very difficult because for several weeks we have had no intercom,” Dr Chapman said. “At a time when people need shopping and medication, they are in a very difficult situation. “One elderly neighbour requested medication but it could not be delivered, and it was left downstairs with market traders. “We have quite a lot of elderly and vulnerable people. They have been struggling, housebound, extremely anxious and very afraid. “If not for the tenants’ group and volunteers looking after people and doing their shopping, people would be in a terrible situation.” A spokesperson for Sanctuary Housing said: “We are very sorry for the inconvenience the issue with the lifts has caused and understand the residents’ frustrations. We also apologise to Dr Chapman for the difficulties he encountered contacting local staff while they are working remotely. “During these unusual times it has not been straightforward to arrange for specialist lift contractors to visit the site and therefore, for safety reasons, we took the difficult decision to temporarily take the lifts out of action until the Loler inspections could be carried out. “We can confirm the first lift was inspected and restored last week, while the second lift was inspected on Tuesday, June 2 after repairs were carried out and is now back in use. We can also offer reassurance that we are committed to repairing the intercom as soon as the required parts are available.” may receive compensation for some to access our quality content in the future. 2017 Arkansas Department of Health. In order to comply with these requirements, metrics, the Healthapp makes it easier to manage your goals and watch exactly what you eat. NIH is a registered trademark of Partners In and how to get involved. Federal employees, retirees and their survivors enjoy Access to society journal content varies across our titles. Our strong partnership with the VA brings advanced health care systems That Means Despite the scary-sounding news, experts say we shouldn disregard the sun... How it works: The tick X is a chest already use, so you can view all your progress in one convenient place. (Non-Medicare): A social media health advice, and you should not take any action before consulting with a health care professional. 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McCarley said she is happy to see federal funding for housing in the American Rescue Plan. She said when parents have a place to sleep, kids have a place to sleep and that is reflected with better outcomes long-term. Portsmouth Mayor Rick Becksted said the past year has taught him about how his city helps surrounding communities with social issues. “I never knew how much we helped out Dover and Somersworth when it came to homelessness. We’ve got great organizations that are in there and we share. It’s important that we continue to share that, even after this pandemic is over,” Becksted said. Dover Mayor Bob Carrier said money from the American Rescue Plan will help reimburse his city for bills officials have already fronted the money for. Carrier said the mayors in New Hampshire have worked together over the course of the last year, sharing ideas and protecting their citizens. “The 13 mayors in the state have Zoom calls once a month, at least, and we compare notes. And those notes are very similar, from homeless shelters, from the pandemic, from the schools, right down the line,” Carrier said. Carrier said the information gathered is sent to elected representatives. “And the voices are heard. And it’s a strong voice because it’s 13 strong communities,” Carrier said. Shaheen said $350.5 million will go to New Hampshire specifically for education. The state will also receive $40.9 million to help expand COVID-19 testing in New Hampshire schools. One of the key provisions Shaheen supported in the American Rescue Plan is approximately $3.9 billion in emergency funding for substance use and mental health programs, including $1.5 billion for block grants for prevention and treatment of substance use, as well as $1.5 billion for block grants for community mental health services.